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Valet Services

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Interior Valet Packages

Having the exterior of your vehicle looking stunning is important. For most of us though, it's the interior where we spend most of our time. Valet Southeast currently offers 3 set interior packages designed to cover the needs of most customers. From a quick vacuum to a full deep clean of your vehicles interior. Bespoke packages are also available to cover those cars that need a bit of extra work or focus on a particular area. Heavily soiled vehicles are not a problem but may incur an additional charge due to the extra time needed to achieve the best results possible.


If you have any queries at all please don't hesitate to get in touch using our 'contact us' page.

Mini Interior Valet

Mini Interior Valet

A simple interior valet to keep the interior of your vehicle looking clean. Ideal for customers wishing to maintan an already clean interior. Please note this package is not
suitable for vehicles with a build up of dog hair or dirt.


  • Removal of litter from interior of car

  • Vacuum of interior & boot space

  • Car mats removed & vacuumed

  • Dash & door cards wiped with APC to remove light marks and dust

  • All glass cleaned inside & out

    Time to complete 30mins - 90mins
    Price* Small £25 / Medium £30 / Large £35 / XL & 4X4's £40

Interior Valet +
Interior Valet +

A recent addition to the interior packages section. Designed to bridge the gap between a mini interior valet & a full interior valet.

This package is for those customers wanting a bit more time spent on the interior of their vehicles. Ideal for vehicles with light to moderate pet hair , slight build up of soil & dirt or for those just wanting a more thorough clean.

  • Removal of litter from interior of car

  • Thorough Vacuum of interior & boot space.

  • Dashboard & door card plastics wiped down to remove mud, marks and dust

  • Car mats removed & thoroughly vacuumed

  • Leather seats wiped over to remove finger prints & light soiling

  • Foot pedals cleaned

  • All glass cleaned inside & out

  • Fragrance added to interior

Time to complete 1-3 hours

Price* Small £35 / Medium £40 / Large £45 / XL & 4X4's £50

Full Inerior Valet

Full Interior


A  thorough deep clean of your vehicles interior designed to leave your vehicle with that 'showroom' finish.
Ideal for cars needing extra cleaning to remove stains and odours.


       Fabric seats

  • Removal of litter from interior of car

  • Thorough vacuum of interior, boot space, door cards,
    under seats (where applicable) & Spare wheel well.

  • Air vents& fabrics steamed to remove dust and neutralise bacteria

  • Dashboard, door cards, door rubbers & all interior trim thoroughly cleaned with APC & steam

  • Interior plastics & trim dressed (if required)

  • Carpets and upholstery thoroughly cleaned using wet extraction machine

  • Car mats removed and thoroughly cleaned using wet extraction machine

  • Spot stains removed from headlining where needed using APC, steam or wet extraction machine

  • Foot pedals thoroughly cleaned

  • All glass cleaned inside & out.

  • Paper car mats placed in driver & passenger footwell

  • Fragrance added to interior

    Leather Seats

    Leather interiors will receive the same initial cleaning steps as above with the following differences.

  • Leather cleaned using a dedicated leather cleaner & soft brush

  • Leather treated with leather conditioner to feed & protect

  • DYE LOCK product available at additional cost to protect leather from colour transfer.



Time to complete 3-7 hours

Prices* Small £70 / Medium £80 / Large £90 / XL & 4X4's £110


Leather Cleaning
Leather Cleaning

Available as a stand alone option.
Leather, like skin, breaths. It also attracts dirt sweat and grease that slowly builds up over time on the interior of your vehicle. If left untreated, leather can dry out, begin to crack and even loose its colour resulting in costly repairs. Valet Southeast offer a leather cleaning service designed to thoroughly clean your leather upholstery before applying a professional leather cream that will both feed and protect the leather.

Prices start from just £75

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