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Please read all terms and conditions fully before committing to any booking.

Booking Terms

  • Prices stated on this web page are subject to change without prior notice. Times stated are approximate and may vary depending on the level of soiling experienced

  • Prices and times are based on an 'average' level of soiling relative to the chosen package. Excessive dirt, sand, pet hair, mud and other such items may be subject to an additional fee to reflect any additional time needed to deliver the selected package. Any such charges will be discussed before any work commences.

  • It is the customers responsibility to ensure all round safe access to the vehicle for the duration that work is to be carried out. For safety reasons, I cannot carry out work on a main or busy road where the vehicle is not parked on a driveway or where my work may present a potential health & safety risk to members of the public. 

  • It is the customer's duty to inform me of any risks prior to my visit. Such risks could include but are not limited to: biological hazards including blood, vomit & urine. Sharp objects such as knives, needles and broken glass. Hazardous materials such as mould & other potentially hazardous materials.

  • The removal of biological material such as urine, vomit, blood etc is not included in ANY of the set packages listed on this website. Removal of these substances will be charged seperately and must be agreed before the commencement of any work. I reserve the right to refuse to carry out any pre arranged package where these risks are suspected of being present & I have not been duly notified. In these instances, any deposit paid will be forefeit.

  • The owner must make me aware of any work recently carried out to the interior or exterior of the vehicle where extra care may be needed. Examples of this are: Recent body work / respraying. Leather repair or recolouring. Loose, old or damaged paint. Any professional coating that needs a specific time to dry or fully cure. Failure to disclose this information may lead to damage of such areas for which Valet Southeast accepts no responsibility.

  • I am not able to carry out work where restrictions apply such as 'Pay & Display' car parks, public car parks, parking with time restrictions in place.

  • While water is carried on board, this is limited. I do not carry an on board power supply and as such, access to a power point to plug in an extension lead is required. This must be within 30m of where the work is to be carried out. If power is not available then the work will not be carried out.

  • Unless access to a suitable outdoor tap is available, I must be able to park my van next to or within a cars length of the vehicle being worked upon to allow me access to my on board water supply.

  • Photographs of vehicles will be taken before, during and after any work is carried out. These photographs will be kept and may be used on social media with any identifying marks such as number plates, house numbers blurred out. If you do not wish photographs of your vehicle to be used, please notify me in writing before i commence any work. Any Photographs taken are and shall remain the property of Valet Southeast and their use without prior written consent is not authorised.

Deposits & Payment terms

  • A deposit is required for ALL work. ALL deposits are NON REFUNDABLE except at my discretion. Deposits must be made to secure any agreed date for work to be carried out. Please note that until I have confirmed receipt of a deposit, any requested date that has been discussed, is not confirmed.

  • For all bookings with a value under £50, a deposit of £10 is required. For bookings between £51 & £100 a deposit of £25 is required. For bookings over £100, a £50 deposit is required.

  • Deposits can be paid via Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cash.

  • Any remaining monies are payable immediately upon completion of any work. An invoice will be produced for all work.This will be sent electronically to the email address provided at time of booking.

  • LATE PAYMENTS. Payment is due on the day work is carried out except at my discretion. Any client who does make payment within 5 working days of any work being completed will be sent a second invoice. This invoice will include the outstanding amount owing as well as a late payment charge. This charge will be 25% of the original booking amount. If payment has still not been received after a further 5 working days from the second invoice being issued, a third and final invoice will be sent. This will include the initial booking amount, the late payment charge of 25% as well as a final late payment charge of £25. These invoices will be sent electronically as well as via recorded mail. If Payment has not been received 5 working days after the 3rd invoice then the debt will be handed over for debt recovery, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • At least 24 hours notice must be given in order to cancel any agreed booking. after this time, the full amount may become payable.

  • If it is not suitable to carry out work due to adverse weather conditions or other factors out of my control, then I will look to re book to a mutually agreeed date and time. Deposits will not be affected.

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