Valet Services

Maintenance Valet



 The Maintenance Valet is carried out as follows:



  • Wheels and arches rinsed with power washer to loosen dirt and brake dust

  • Wheels sprayed with a dedicated non acidic wheel cleaner

  • Wheels faces cleaned using a selection of soft brushes and wheel mitt.

  • Arches and wheels rinsed with pressure washer

  • Vehicle pressure rinsed to remove dust and loosen dirt prior to washing phase.

  • Snow foam applied to vehicle for maximum lubrication during washing phase

  • Exterior paintwork washed using two bucket method with grit guard
    and quality wash mitt

  • Vehicle given final rinse prior to drying.

  • Vehicle dried thoroughly using large soft microfibre towels

  • Quick detailer used during drying to maximise lubrication while drying and minimise straks and water marks.

  • Alloy wheels dried to minimise water marks

  • Exterior glass cleaned

Final inspection of vehicle prior to payment

Wax and coating upgrades available to offer longer lasting protection. Simply see our product upgrades section or click here.




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Time to complete 45-90 minutes*

Prices: Small  £25 / Medium £30 / Large £35 / X-Large & 4X4's £40


*Times Are approximate & subject to level of soiling experienced. Heavily soiled vehicles such as build up of mud, dirt, excessive pet hair, straw & heavy staining will be subject to an additional charge