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Coating Upgrades

At Valet Southeast I can offer a wide range of different products to suit most requirements.

These are all available as upgrades to chosen packages.

  • Hard Waxes. I offer a selection of hard waxes to cover different paint types offering varying durability.

  • Spray Sealants & Waxes. A selection of spray sealants are available, offering good hydrophobic qualities.

  • Ceramic Si02 based sprays. These offer fantastic hydrophobic qualitites along with good durability and are a fantastic alternatve to traditional waxes

  • Polymer Sealant. This is available as an add on to any exterior package and has the added bonus of being significantly cheaper than ceramic coatings. Offering fantastic protection for up to 6 months and beyond.

  • Ceramic Coatings. Offering the greatest level of protection. Ceramic can also be costly and requires that your car be fully machine polished prior to application to ensure your paintwork is as good as it can be and to ensure maximum effectiveness of the coating. I can offer this service on an individual customer basis subject to a full vehicle inspecion taking place first.

  • Glass Coatings. I can offer a selection of glass coatings designed to ensure maximum visibilty in poor weather by providing a highly hydrophobic coating to your exterior glass. Various options are available offering protection from a few weeks to 12 months+.

  • Wheel coatings. These are available in the form of high temperature wax designed to offer protection against brake dust and road dirt. A long lasting ceramic based coating is also available for wheel faces. Currently while I can offer coatings for the insides of wheels, these would need to be removed from the vehicle prior to my arrival.

  • Fabric coatings. These are available for most interior fabrics as well as fabric roofs. Offering good protection and hydrophobic properties.

  • Plastic bumpers and trims. Faded bumpers and trims can be restored using a semi permanant coating designed to bring the black colour and protection back to faded bumpers and exterior trim pieces.

    Prices on all coatings are dependant on vehicle size. Please use the contact link at the top of the page to discuss your requirements.

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