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Silver Valet



My most popular pacakge.
For first time customers or vehicles requiring more than just a quick wash to remove additional build up of grime such as bug residue dirt and dust build up from regular driving.


Providing a more thorough clean of your vehicles exterior. Paying attention to exterior trims, door shuts and hard to reach areas. Includes added protection from a layer of wax. Coating upgrades are available on this package. Just enquire when booking.

This package is designed to be carried out at intervals of 3-6 months with regluar Maintenance washes in between.




A Silver valet will be carried out as follows



  • Wheels & arches pre rinsed to remove loose dirt & brake dust

  • Wheels & tyres sprayed with dedicated non acidic cleaner & left to dwell

  • Wheels and arches thoroughly cleaned using a selection of brushes and wheel mitt.

  • Wheels & Arches thoroughly rinsed.

  • Vehicle exterior rinsed with high pressure water to remove loose dirt and dust

  • Front of vehicle and areas vulnerable to bug splatter and dirt build up sprayed with citrus cleaner and left to dwell in order to loosen dirt

  • Snow foam pre wash applied to entire vehicle and left to dwell

  • Snow foam removed using pressure washer & re applied to add lubrication during the wash phase

  • Vehicle thoroughly washed using two bucket method with grit guard and quality wash mitt.

  • Door & boot shuts & fuel filler cap opened and cleaned using a soft brush to remove build up of dirt & grime (Build up of grease and oils around hinges will not be removed)

  • Vehicle thorouhgly rinsed prior to drying phase

  • Vehicle thoroughly dried using quality microfibre drying towels.

  • QD spray used at drying phase to enhance gloss and aid drying while minimising risk of streaks and water marks

  • Wax applied to car by hand and left to haze

  • Wax removed using soft microfibre towels and buffed to shine

  • Quality tyre gel with UV protection applied to tyres

  • Alloy wheels dried to prevent water spots

  • Exterior & interior glass cleaned

  • Final inspection prior to payment

Why not upgrade to a quality wax or Spray Sealant. want to know more about protection options?  Just enquire when booking.


Time to complete 2-4 hours*


Prices: Small £45 / Medium £50 / Large £55 / XL & 4X4's £60



*Times Are approximate & subject to level of soiling experienced. Heavily soiled Vehicles such as build up of dirt, excessive pet hair, straw & heavy staining will be subject to an additional charge.


*Excessive pet hair or build up of heavy soiling will incur an
additional cost of up to £20
This will be discussed with you prior to any work commencing.

A non refundable deposit of 50% of any package over £50 is required at time of booking by way of Cash or Bank transfer.

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