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Detailing Services

Although Valeting is the term most people are familiar with and associate with car cleaning, Detailing, although a term adopted from the USA is widely regarded in the UK as the next step up from valeting.

Often involving a much more in depth clean of your vehicle interior and exterior. Using specialised products & equipment to thoroughly clean every area of any given vehicle. More often that not it also involves the use of machine polishing along with other techniques such as wet sanding to reduce and remove defects from the vehicles paintwork leaving it looking as close to perfect as time and budget allows.

Every Vehicles paintwork is unique and behaves differently. As such an inspection of your vehicle must be carried out prior to any bookings. This will enable me to properly assess the vehicle paintwork condition, paint depth and fully understand the clients expectations. This is not a free service. The inspection carries a charge of £20. If a booking is then finalised, this will be deducted from the total booking value.


Please be aware that as a mobile valeter, Carrying out any correction work or ceramic coating of vehicle paintwork and other surfaces requires specific conditions. Strong direct sunlight causes high panel temperatures on your vehicles painted surfaces. While this is not such an issue on light coloured cars, it makes such work on dark coloured vehicles very difficult. It also greatly increases the risk of damage or marring to paintwork when machine work is being carried out to remove scratches or swirls. Rain and damp would likewise negatively affect the curing and durablity of any ceramic coatings applied to various surfaces. With this in mind, while there are certain times of the year when these processes can be carried out outside, it is advisable that where possible, any such work is carried out under cover in a garage or lean to etc.As always, I am happy to advise on wether i believe such work is possible at any given time.

One day Enhancement Detail. From £175

This is a package designed to be carried out in a single day. The aim is to fully decontaminate the vehicles paintwork before carrying out a single stage machine polish using a medium compound to remove around 70% of light swirls on a vehicles paintwork. This would greatly improve the vehicles overall appearance and leave it ready to receive your chosen layer of protection. A coat of quality wax is included in the price but other coatings carry an additional charge. Heavier swirls and light scratches may be reduced in appearance but may still be visible.

Two day Enhancement Detail. From £350

This package is similar to the above package in terms of fully decontaminating the vehicles exterior paintwork. However, the vehicle would then receive two stages of machine polishing. Firstly the vehicle would be machined using a hard pad and compound with a heavy cut to remove / reduce larger and deeper defects from the vehicles paintwork. The majority of swirls, light scratches and some moderate scratches would be removed. This procedure would leave some hazing and polising marks present in the paintwork. To remove these and fully refine the finish of the paintwork, a second stage of machining would then be carried out. This would involve using a soft finishing pad and light compound with virtually no cut. This would remove any marks left by the first stage of work and leave the paintwork with a high gloss finish. Some heavier scratches and other defects may still be visible on close inspection but the aim would be to deliver an improvemtn in appearance of around 90%.

Deep Scratch and Bird Etching removal. From £POA

Some times no matter how hard we try to keep our paintwork looking its best, damage still occurs. Deep scratches from narrow misses down country lanes and Etching from bird Droppings are among the most common issues i come across. Soft modern paints combined with highly potent bird droppings make for a bad combination. Removal of deeper scratches and paint etching can usually only be obtained using a technique called wet sanding. Exactly as it sounds, this involves sanding the vehicles paintwork with very fine grades of sandpaper to remove the damaged paint layer. These sanding marks can then be corrected out using various stages of machine polishing. In most cases the damage can be completely removed. In others, where either the damage is too deep or the thickness of the paint is too small, a significant improvement can be seen but some damage may still be visible on close inspection.

Due to the nature of this work, an inspection of the vehicle is always required in order to establish the extent of the damage, measure the thickness of the paint on the aread needing work, and form a plan of action with the customer so that a quote can be put together.

This work is usually priced on an hourly basis.

Polymer Sealant & Ceramic Coating. From £75

So you've just had your car professionally detailed to make it look all nice and shiny again. And now you want to keep it that way.

If you're looking for greater protection than a wax can offer then two of the most common coatings I offer are either a Polymer based sealant or a Ceramic coating. Both offer fantastic protection to your vehicles paintwork with significanlty greater durability over a natural wax. That being said, a good quality wax can also offer good protection over a period of a few weeks / months.

Whatever your preference, I can supply and apply your chosen coating. If you are unsure what you want or you dont fully understand the difference between different products, I am more than happy to discuss this with you during a visit or via email.




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