Exterior Valeting

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Valet Southeast currently offers 3 set valeting packages for vehicle exteriors. These are designed to cover the majority of requirements & budgets. However, If you can not find what you are looking for here, please get in touch. Valet Southeast also offers a bespoke valeting service giving you the chance to tailer a package to your specific needs and budget. The option of a vehicle inspection is also available giving you the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail.

Once I have worked on your vehicle, Why not book in for a regular maintenance package and keep your vehicle looking its best without having to even leave your home. Bi weekly and Monthly bookings are available.


Discounts are available for multiple cars & regular maintenance bookings.
Lease hire & fleet vehicles also catered for. 

To Book or to arrange a vehicle inspection please click here. Alternatively click on the contact link at the top of the page.

Maintenance Wash


Designed for vehicles recently detailed or already regularly maintained. Not suitable for heavily soiled vehicles or those requiring a more thorough wash regimen. Vehicle is washed using a snow foam pre wash and 3 bucket method as well as the use of a detailing spray and soft microfibre towels at the drying phase.

Recommended intervals of  2-4 weeks

From* £25

Add a quality glaze or wax from £15

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Silver Valet

Our most popular package & the recommended package for new customers. Designed to cater for various levels of soiling  with additional steps over a maintenance wash. This package is ideal for heavier soiled cars that require extra time spent on the exterior.
The Silver valet also includes a coat of quality glaze to improve the vehicles overall appearance.

Recommended intervals  1-3 months

From* £45

Why not add a mini interior valet from just £25


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Gold Valet

A thorough and in depth clean of your vehicles exterior. This package will ensure that your vehicle exterior is left in the best condition possible with the exception of any correction work.
Multiple stages of cleaning and decontamination are carried out before the vehicle is treated with a quality glaze and wax layer leaving your vehicle well protected & thoroughly cleaned. On top of this, the interior will also be cleaned ready for your next drive. Sealant upgrades are also available for this package. Simply enquire at time of booking.

Recommended intervals 9-12 months

From* £100

Why not upgrade to a full interior valet?

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Additional Services

Headlight Restoration

Modern headlights can fade over time as a result of UV rays causing the plastic lenses to oxidise and degrade giving them a dull yellow appearance. Faded headlights not only reduce visibility at night and in in poor light conditions. They can also make you harder to see by other road users. It is because of this that they can also be an MOT failure. Often costing hundreds of pounds to replace a single unit, having your headlights professionally restored is incredibly cost effective.

Most headlights can be restored to an 'as new' condition. Headlights that have deteriorated significantly can almost always be bought back to a more than satisfactory condition.
All headlights are coated with a product that will protect them from UV damage after being restored.

From £60 Per Pair

More info

Engine bay Detailing

For some, there's nothing worse than having a spotlessly clean exterior & interior only to have the engine bay let them down when they least expect it. I can offer an engine bay detailing service for those customers wanting to ensure their engine bay is as spotless as the rest of the car. From a quick clean to remove the worst of the dirt to a full detailed clean, Valet Southeast has you covered.


 From* £25

Coating Upgrades

Here at Valet Southeast I am able to offer a wide range of coatings for your vehicles exterior surfaces.

For you paintwork, anything from wax to polymer sealant. Silica Spray to Ceramic glass coatings. High temperature wax and Ceramic coatings for wheels and Chrome. Water proofing for fabric hoods and highly hydrophobic coatings for all exterior glass. I can even provide coatings to restore and protect faded rubber and plastic. If you would like to know more about the various products on offer or just want to discuss which one would be right for you, get in touch now.


All of these products can be incorporated in to your chosen valeting package at an additional cost. Just enquire when booking.




*Excessive pet hair or build up of heavy soiling will incur an
additional cost of up to £20
This will be discussed with you prior to any work commencing.

A non refundable deposit of 50% of any package over £50 is required at time of booking by way of Cash or Bank transfer.

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