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New Car Detail

Purchasing a new car can be one of the most expensive purchases we make after property.
As such, you want your vehicle to get the best start possible.
Sadly, many cars fall below the standard you would expect with regard to quality of the paintwork when arriving at a dealerhsip. While dealers will  often try to upsell expensive protection packages with your purchase, many will fall short of the standards you would expect. This is simply because they do not have the time or training to prepare and apply this package correctly and to a high standard.

Valet Southeast take away the worry and offer a full inspection of your vehicle prior to carrying out a thorough detail to ensure it has the best possible start in terms of paint finish and long term protection. Work can even be carried out at the dealership before collection (With dealerships permission)

New Car Detail 
From £275
(small car)



  • Wheels sprayed with a dedicated non acidic cleaner and left to dwell before thorough cleaning with a selection of brushes and wheel mitt

  • Fallout remover applied to wheels to remove iron and ferrous particles before second rinse

  • Snow foam pre wash applied to car & left to dwell, loosening dust & heavy dirt particles

  • Door sills and door shuts cleaned with APC & brushes to remove dirt.

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed before reapplying a snow foam pre wash

  • Vehicle cleaned thoroughly using two bucket method with grit guard and quality wash mitt

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove shampoo from vehicle

  • Fallout remover applied to vehicle and left to remove ferrous particles before rinsing

  • Through claying of vehicle paintwork (if needed) to remove any bonded contaminents & tar

  • Final rinse before drying with large fluffy microfibre towels & forced air dryer

  • Multiple paint readings taken across vehicle and logged prior to masking up of rubbers and fragile trim pieces.

  • Vehicle treated to a single stage machine polish by combination of DA & rotary polisher to enhance gloss & increase clarity

  • Bodywork given a full wipe down with IPA to remove oils & polish residue prior to the application of your chosen protection

  • Quality glaze added to vehicle & left to haze before removing with soft microfibre cloths

  • Quality wax (or chosen sealant / ceramic coating) applied to vehicle and left to haze

  • Wax removed and buffed using soft microfibre towels

  • Glass thoroughly cleaned inside & out

  • Coating applied to all glass to protect & aid vision in poor driving conditions

  • Tyres dressed with a quality tyre gel for shine and protection

  • Alloy wheels coated for protection

  • Chrome trims and exhausts polished (if applicable)

  • Interior of vehicle thoroughly vacuumed and dusted

  • Fragrance & paper mats added to interior of vehicle

  • Final inspection of vehicle prior to handover

  • Fabric coating also available for interior fabrics at additional cost. Please enquire when booking.

  • Wax / Sealant / ceramic upgrades also available.

Approximate time for completion 1-2 days





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