VW Passatt Estate Enhancement Detail

May 12, 2014

This VW had recently been purchased from a Dealers and was apparently in very good condition. The owner was under the impression it had been fully detailed prior to sale.
On inspection i found the car to be covered in minor swirls and scratches. It was also clearly heavily contaminated, rough to the touch. I also found several holograms where there had been an attempt to correct the paintwork previously.

I began by treating the car to pre wash with Valet Pro PH Neutral snow foam before rinsing off.
I then washed the car thoroughly using the 2BM and DoDo Juice Sour Power. After a second rinse, the car was fully clayed using a medium grade clay. Every panel turned the clay black on both sides.


After claying the car was given another foam & Rinse before drying fully with microfibre towels.

Next the wheels were thoroughly cleaned using the usual methods befoe treating with 'Iron-x' and rinsing.

I then masked up the car ready for a single stage polish to remove the minor swirls and dealer imparted holograms.

The car was treated to a single stage polish using a DAS6-Pro DA with Orange Hexlogic pad and Muguiars 205 finishing polish.

When completed the car was given a snow foam to remove any residue before adding a coat of HD wax.

I would estimate that around 80-90% of swirls and scratchs were removed along with the holograms that had been visible previously.


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