Protection / Gloss enhancement Detail From £200

The gloss enhancement detail is designed for cars with minor imperfections such as light swirls and micro marring which appear on most vehicles over time.
At recommended intervals of no more than 12 months, the focus of this detail is to remove these imperfections along with any build up of contamination and restore a depth of gloss to the finish of your paintwork. This package is designed for vehicles previously detailed and / or already maintained to a high standard. For heavier defect removal see my other detailaing packages.

​Your vehicle will be thoroughly washed & decontaminated before being treated to a one step polish using machines and a refining compound.

This will remove micro marring along with around 60-70% of lighter scratches & swirls. While heavier swirls and deeper scratches may remain, the overall appearance (and feel) of your vehicles paintwork will be greatly improved. The vehicle will then be wiped down to remove any oils or polish residue before a layer of protection is added. As standard a layer of quality glaze will be applied to the vehicle followed by a quality wax.

For a longer lasting protection you could opt for one of a selection of quality sealant or ceramic coating upgrades at an additional cost.

All vehicles will be thoroughly inspected, paint depth readings taken and any noticable defects recorded before any machine work takes place.


Coating upgrades.

A variaty of coating upgrades are available for your vehicles paintwork including Zaino Z1, CQUK, G-techniq, Liquid Elements. Prices for upgrades are available on request.

We can also offer long term coating for wheels, trims & Glass such as CarPro D-Lux and Gtechniq G1