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Enhancement Detail
Prices From £200


  • Wheels sprayed and left to dwell before thorough cleaning with selection of brushes and
    wheel mitt

  • Fallout remover applied to wheels to remove iron and ferrous particles before rinsing

  • Snow foam pre wash applied to car & left to dwell to loosen and remove dust & heavy dirt particles

  • Door sills and door shuts cleaned with APC & brushes to remove dirt.

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed then cleaned thoroughly using two bucket method with grit guard and quality 100% lambswool wash mitt

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove shampoo from vehicle

  • Iron fallout remover applied to vehicle to remove ferrous particles before rinsing

  • Through claying of vehicles paintwork to remove any bonded contaminents

  • Any remaining tar spots thoroughly removed using a dedicated tar remover

  • Final rinse before drying with large fluffy microfibre towels

  • Vehicle treated to a single stage machine polish to enhance gloss & increase clarity

  • Vehicle fully wiped down with IPA to remove any remaining oils & waxes on paintwork prior to the application of polish / wax or sealant

  • Quality polish added to vehicle, left to haze and buffed to a shine

  • Quality sealant or wax applied to vehicle & left to cure before removing with a quality microfibre cloth and buffed to a shine.

  • Glass thoroughly cleaned inside & out

  • Exterior of glass treated with a rain repellant to aid vision in poor driving conditions

  • Tyres dressed with a quality tyre gel for shine and protection

  • Chrome trims and exhausts polished (if applicable)


Approximate time for completion 6-9 Hours





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