Working during Covid 19

At Valet Southeast I belive that above all else, my safety & that of my customers is of paramount importance.

I ceased work on the 21st March in light of the COVID19 Pandemic. While I was not required by law to close, I felt it was the only responsible decision to make. While other valeters across the area may have continued to work, I felt it was right to put safety above monetary gain and remain closed until such time as I felt it was safe to begin trading again.

With the latest release from the Government allowing some people to return to work and after taking all risks in to consideration, I have made the decision to begin trading from the 1st June.

I have looked very carefully at what adjustments to normal working practice need to take place in order to keep myself and customers safe. I have completed a risk assessment to identify potential risks and how to minimise them. As a result, until further notice, any booking made with Valet Southeast will be subject to not only my standard Terms and conditions but also the conditions laid out below so that every effort can be made to deliver my services in a safe and professional manner.

Please read below very carefully before making any booking. I will of course be more than happy to answer any questions. Simply click on the contact link on the main menu at the top of this page. If upon arrival it is found that these conditions have not been met, work will not be carried out but you may still be charged.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my existing customers for their patience during this difficult time and to any potential new customers for choosing me to work on your vehicle.


The Following conditions must be met before a booking will be confirmed:

  • The customer, and anyone they live with or have had regular contact with must currently be and have been symptom free for at least the last 14 days at the time of booking confirmation

  • No person at the household where work is being carried out is considered vulnerable or high risk. It simply isnt worth the risk for the sake of a clean car. The safety of your family MUST come first

  • To avoid the need to handle keys, the vehicle where possible is to be unlocked upon my arrival remotely. Where this can not be done, keys must be left out in a safe place or handed over from a safe distance of at LEAST 2 metres. The keys will be wiped down with an alcohol cleaner containing at least 70% alcohol when picking up and before handing back after the completion of any work.

  • There must be access to power and water without the need to enter any premises. Passing my extension lead through a window to be plugged in would be deemed acceptable. In this instance the plug and any length of lead that may enter your premises would be wiped down using an alcohol based cleaner with an alcohol content of at least 70% before being passed to you. If an outdoor tap is not available please let me know. While i carry a limited amount of water on board. I would need to be able to park my van next to your vehicle as close as possible.

  • If the interior of your vehicle is to be worked on, ALL personal belongings and rubbish must be removed from the car BEFORE my arrival. This is to minimise any risk of cross contamination and reduce the time spent inside any vehicle.

  • Deposits will still be required to secure any agreed booking date and any balance due must be paid in full before my departure on the day that work is carried out  Howver, I will not be accepting cash for the time being to avoid contact risks associtaed with such transactions. Payment can be made Via Bank transfer or PayPal (subject to conditions). an Invoice for work can be provided upon request. this will be in electronic form to avoid the need to hand over paper invoices. Late payment terms as set out in my T's & C's still apply. For peace of mind, payments can be made any time from receiving booking confirmation up to and including the day work is carried out.

  • You agree that these conditions will be emailed to you for your consideration. Written confirmation via email or text message must be received to acknowledge that these conditions have been read and can be met. If you have any queries with any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Along with the above I will be wearing gloves whenver it is possible to do so. These will be changed regularly. Where deemed necessary I will also wear face protection. While face masks offer little protection against the virus, it is still a step that can be taken to help minise the risk of its spread. Any keys required to unlock / lock vehicles will be wiped down before and after use with an alcohol based cleaner with at least 70% alcohol content. It is advised that in order to work effectively, any such cleaner should have a content of at least 60% alcohol. Door handles will also be wiped down at the point of last contact before the car is handed back to you.

These conditions are subject to change or addition without prior warning so please check back
before commiting to any booking


*Excessive pet hair or build up of heavy soiling will incur an
additional cost of up to £20
This will be discussed with you prior to any work commencing.

A non refundable deposit of 50% of any package over £50 is required at time of booking by way of Cash or Bank transfer.

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